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Paladin Attachments - Infiltrator-Chamber-Systems

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Infiltrator Chamber Systems

We stock the full line of Infiltrator Systems standard, standard low profile and high capacity chambers for use in septic system drainfields, mounds and pressure beds. Manufacturer in Winchester, KY

For a full demonstration on how to use Infiltrator products in different septic applications, go to infiltratorsystems.com.

  • Quick4 Standard Chamber - 2'10" wide, 12" high, 4' long, 12 lbs


  • Quick4 Plus High Capacity Chamber - 2'10" wide, 14" high, 4' long, 12 lbs


  • Quick4 Plus end cap (fits standard and high capacity chambers) 


  • Quick4 Plus Low Profile Chamber - 34" W, 8" H, 48" L


  • Quick4 Plus low profile flat endcap, all-in-one endcap, and all-in-one periscope (for top loading)